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School Visits

Inspiration and Enthusiasm

[Your] inspiration and enthusiasm transcended into the grade level sessions with opportunities for students to explore their own character development, manipulate merpeople sentences, and reimagine fairy tales.
--Katherine, Dubai UAE

Really Impressive

Your interaction with the students at Hamilton Grange was really impressive, it was amazing to see them connect with you and vice-versa.  It was great getting to know about the Jumbies’ backstory and I love how you’ve brought West Indian culture mainstream in the US.
--Jahmal, New York City

Wonderful Presentations

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful presentations. The feedback that I am receiving from both students and staff is very positive. 

The students who attended the small group discussion with you were very excited about being able to ask you so many questions.
--Michele, Hewlett, NY

Amazing Presentation

Thank you so much for the amazing presentation you did for our 6th graders here yesterday afternoon. They were so engaged, and I think they could have kept you with questions for another hour! You are so generous and kind—and the students really responded to you.  It was super cool to get a peek at your office and a window into what it's like to be a writer.
--Phoebe, Brooklyn, NY

Personal Interaction

Tracey’s author visits included personal  interaction - students learned about Caribbean lore and played with improv to ward off the Jumbies: Mama D’Leau, Lagahoo, and Soucouyant, which made the presentations delightful and engaging, building interest in reading the entire Jumbies trilogy. I cannot keep up with the demand for Tracey Baptiste books in the library! 

Thank you, Tracey, for writing for our children. We didn’t want you to leave!
--Jennifer, South Bend, IL

Book Your School Visit

Educational Institution ?

What happens when you inquire about a school visit?

  • You will get information about presentation types and cost

  • You'll choose from available dates

  • We will finalize the presentaions

  • Once an agreement is signed, the visit is booked

The best visits happen when the school is prepared!

  • Make sure students and families know about the visit

  • Give students time to get familiar with my books

  • Go over what will happen during the visit

  • Let students prepare questions and pre-order books

  • Count down to visit day!

Visits book 3-18 months in advance, so book early!

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