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For Educators


  • Access your creativity

  • Prep for your novel in 30 days

  • More classes to come...


My entire professional career has been spent teaching, editing, and writing. The resources below represent what I would offer in a writing program of my own.

  • Use the reading list to work independently.

  • Take classes for more support.

  • Apply for a mentorship for one-on-one guidance.

  • Go on a retreat and immerse yourself in a project.

Recommended Reading

Literacy advocates with a deep passion for books showcase the power of children s access to books

Exciting, productive connections with authors, illustrators, and storytellers are at your fingertips with this resource.

How can we rethink craft, and the teaching of it, to better reach writers with diverse backgrounds?

Book advocate Colby Sharp presents more than forty beloved, award-winning, diverse and bestselling authors and illustrators in a creative challenge!



Mentorships are a 12-week commitment, which gives us time for deep work on a section of a novel-length work, or 2 picture books.

I work with only 3 mentees at a time. Potential mentees are required to submit an application that includes a sample, an example of a piece of writing they admire and what they want to learn from it, and a bio.

There is no application fee at this time.
Please fill out the form below if you are interested in a mentorship.

Two crystal Ganeshas and my ceramic chicken, Henny.

This mermaid and pirate were the inspiration for Mermaid and Pirate!

These three friends live on my bookshelf. The first is a chicken I bought outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a day I went to do research for AFRICAN ICONS. The beaded chicken reminded me of some of the African art on display inside the museum. The second item is a nesting doll. The outside is Mama D'Leau from Looking for a Jumbie. The interior dolls are Papa Bois, the soucouyant, the lagahoo, and the douen. All painted in the style of Looking for a Jumbie. The third is another nesting doll created by Vanessa Brantley Newton. She has a book called Nesting Dolls.

This "reading owl" was a gift by an artist who made several "douen" creatures for me to give away when The Jumbies first came out in 2015.

The last pair of pointe shoes I danced in are on my bookshelf along with a ballerina figure that one of my 2nd grade students gave me as a Christmas present many years ago.

My daughter's first pair of sneakers.

I collect a lot of Lego buildings. They're fun to build and play with, plus I get to set up all the people in town the way I like. These two sets are the Detective Office and the Pet Shop.

I just had to get this Lego typewriter. It was also a fun build because the carriage at the top moves as you "type" on the keys.

The Lego treehouse took me forever to build because I was so busy writing that I wouldn't have time to work on it for months! I think it took almost a year before I finished putting it together.


Tracey Baptiste talks with Zinnia Maldonado of CBS News

Tracey reads "TEN" from THE TALK

Tracey introduces us to the jumbies and talks about their role in her life growing up.

Host of The Story Seeds podcast interviews Tracey Baptiste to get the inside scoop on her writing process for the podcast episode “Barking Up the Right Tree”

Tracey reads from "Gravity"

Stephanie interviews Tracey about the backlash about Disney’s live action The Little Mermaid, and the history of Black and Brown mermaids.

Tracey Talks about Claudette Colvin’s influence on the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Craig Thompson’s short documentary about the young Civil Rights icon.

Tracey Baptiste teams up with 12 year old Amalia Tsampalis to create a story of an athletic young girl challenged by the wise, old tree in her backyard.

Charles talks with Tracey about the racist backlash to Disney's live action The Little Mermaid and the lack of imagination that has led us here

An introduction to Tracey's author visits.

Tracey Baptiste talks about the main character and the inspiration behind her Jumbies series and answers kids’ questions about her writing journey. Presented by KidLit TV and Every Child a Reader

Find out what a douen is in this short video.

find out what a lagahoo is in this short video.

Find out what a La Diablesse is in this short video.

Find out what a Soucouyant is in this short video.

Tracey Baptiste talks about growing up with Jumbie stories in Trinidad and Tobago, her first fright, and how fantasy could be used to explore transformative elements and real life issues.

Description: Tracey Baptiste talks about her opinion piece “Mermaids Have Always Been Black” and her picture book

Tracey talks about the little details and challenges of writing The Jumbies.

A Read Aloud of CENDRILLON: AN ISLAND CINDERELLA , a book by Tracey Baptiste, done for Pearson.


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